Vodka university


To educate Vancouver's best bartenders and top media outlets about 42Below, the top shelf Vodka from New Zealand that is considered the world’s best by numerous international spirit judging panels.

Smak hired and trained two sexy "lab assistants" to tour Vancouver's hottest restaurants, clubs and lounges inviting bartenders to attend the only University that encourages drinking.
"Professor B. Low" was hired to instruct the tuition-free class where bartenders learned the history of vodka and compared 15 of the world’s top selling vodkas side by side allowing them to taste why 42Below is considered the world’s best.
Smak also organized and hosted a special, media only 42Below Vodka University class at the Elliot Louis Gallery. Twenty-five media outlets attended and the resulting coverage was widespread including TV, radio and print.


Our knowledgeable lab assistants enrolling new "students."

Our knowledgeable lab assistants enrolling new "students."