smak was founded with a rebellious spirit to dare brands to be different; to lead clients in taking their brand purpose off the page and moving it from aspirational to experiential. We create experiences that are authentic, engaging and lasting.

We believe in living bold.
We believe curiosity is living with purpose. 
We believe brands need purpose.

We believe human connections matter.
We believe that people seek to be part of like-minded communities.
We believe in the impact of emotional interaction with brands.

We believe that employees have to believe in companies before consumers will.
We believe engaged employees are emotionally committed.
We believe marketing and HR are symbiotic.

We believe consumers care.
We believe employees care.
We believe CSR is marketing.

We believe in doing it different.
We believe in making remarkable.
We believe in executional brilliance.

We believe well-defined brand purpose, translated into brand experience, transforms consumers and employees into brand advocates and evangelists.