BC Hydro
October 2013


Get residents of lower BC talking about energy conversation and create a unique experience to demonstrate simple, power-smart behaviour through the month of October.


An installation was born of the insight that people like to push buttons because they’re curious about what happens next. So smak developed a glowing, buzzing seven foot cube and had passersby press the power button to the power saving position (off) and the Cube powered down; the lights turned off and the buzzing stopped.

Each time the power button was pushed a running tally of power smart actions was displayed on the Cube as well as a message about energy conservation. When a pedestrian stopped to perform their energy saving behaviour, $1 was also donated to a local green initiative. On-site ambassadors encouraged the target market to visit BC Hydro’s website as well as engage with BC Hydro through social media.


The Cube earned more than 4,000 interactions in eight days in market and was also featured on several local weather segments on Global Morning News Vancouver. BC Hydro was mentioned in more than 1,800 tweets that earned 4.3 million impressions on Twitter during October.