future shop

Ultimate Dorm Challenge
September 2005


Generate buzz and publicity for Future Shop’s back-to-school campaign.


Smak created and executed a national, living ad campaign starring the target market.

Contestants in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal participated in The Future Shop Ultimate Dorm Room Challenge in an effort to to win thousands of dollars in electronics for back-to-school.

The campaign wasa test of endurance as six contestants in each city battled each other by surviving in a 160 square-feet of living space, for five straight days, all the while in front of a constant audience.

The Results

Tens of thousands of spectators across the country witnessed The Future Shop Ultimate Dorm Room Challenge in person, while media coverage spread across the country reaching millions of Canadians, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in publicity value. Back-to-school fever impacted Future Shop’s retail level as local stores reported a significant increase in sales during the campaign.


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