future shop

Circle of Excellence


To reward Future Shop’s top salespeople in a brand-appropriate, memorable and talk-worthy fashion.


Smak envisioned and executed a destination trip for more than 1,000 salespeople to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera. Smak managed all aspects of the trip including travel coordination for staff across Canada: event itinerary, invitations, onsite entertainment and activities, gala dinners with key speakers, and complimentary welcome packages.

Smak ensured Future Shop’s brand was present throughout the retreat through custom-branded towels, flip-flops, ice sculptures, as well as themed décor at all organized functions. Each sales member was treated to a custom experience like no other with a renewed brand affinity.


The planning and logistics behind the top performer appreciation event were challenging and plentiful, however smak executed it flawlessly. Each Future Shop Product Expert raved about their experience and conversations were had back to the store level to motivate the rest of the sales team to become part of The Circle of Excellence.