PROTINIS (Maple Leaf Foods),
John Street Advertising


Put a new protein snack in the hands of Torontonians.


smak planned a three-pronged sampling strategy: event sampling, scooter deliveries and social media monitoring. smak trained and deployed brand ambassadors to hand out samples to Torontonians at events like the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon. Simultaneously, additional brand ambassadors zipped around Toronto on branded scooters intercepting the PROTINIS target consumer - young, professional women - in pre-selected locations: parks, gyms and well-populated public squares.

Additionally, a real-time, keyword-based social media campaign was launched. Over two days, smak monitored Twitter for “hungry” tweets and worked with with Maple Leaf’s social media manager to engage those tweeters and coordinate sample deliveries to their offices and homes via branded scooters.  


60,000 samples were handed out through the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in three days, with another 1,000 through the social media engagement alone. In addition, hungry tweeters outside of the GTA received PROTINIS coupons. Overall, the campaign generated 1.27 million impressions. In Toronto, smak ambassadors made 40 deliveries and generated 472,367 impressions on social media. Nationally, the social media campaign reached almost 800,000 Canadians on Twitter.


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