robson street

Vancouver's Runway
Summer 2011


To increase shopping and foot traffic on Robson Street, which had been in steady decline for years.


Polling Vancouverites, smak determined that most consumers felt positive about Robson Street but that there were now many alternative places to shop in the city. From this insight, smak developed the “Vancouver’s Runway” campaign for Robson Street’s Business Improvement Association (BIA).

Promoted and amplified by both traditional and social media, the campaign was a three-pronged approach: shoppers on Robson Street won weekly prizes and became eligible for a grand prize shopping spree; through the summer well-known fashion photographers captured fashionable people on Robson Street and uploaded the content to a custom blog site; then each local fashionista’s social media community votde on who was most fashionable shopper.               


Followers on  Robson Street’s Facebook and Twitter accounts tripled during the course of the campaign. Tenants expressed to the BIA that the summer 2011 campaign was the most successful promotion to date.