Ontario Toyota Dealers WishMaker

Ontario Toyota Dealers Association, Rain43

Facilitate the design and build of a life-sized advent calendar for the Ontario Toyota Dealers Association WishMaker holiday campaign, as well as coordinate and conduct onsite filming, and the social media for the campaign to drive consumer engagement.

Find a location for the 60ft. high Toyota WishMaker advent calendar that was easily accessible to media (most of whom are located near downtown Toronto) but could also accommodate the large scale of the structure and be visible to passersby.

Ultimately, smak chose a location that was situated in direct sight of both the prominent Lakeshore GO train line and the Gardiner Expressway. This prime location helped increased exposure of the giant advent calendar and spread awareness of the campaign for its month-long duration.

From brief to build in less than four weeks, the WishMaker granted a wish for 24 deserving people through the month of December 2014. Each wish that was granted was filmed onsite: 24 unique stories were told through an interactive campaign website as well as Toyota’s WishMaker Twitter handle.

With no other marketing initiatives in market, the campaign resulted in an 11 per cent increase in sales, 250,000 YouTube views, 40 million media impressions – including a 15-minute segment on Canada AM - and 3.4 million Twitter impressions.