Yellow Pages Group, Leo Burnett
August 2013

Raise awareness for Yellow Pages Group’s (YPG) smartphone app to build momentum for the company's digital offering.

Leo Burnett Toronto and smak developed two experiential events to create conversation among Toronto beach-goers and dog owners. It was a chance for urban, active smartphone users to get acquainted with YPG’s digital brand with something useful and fun. smak made a grid of 200 YPG-branded towels with instructions for downloading the app, and the same number of parasols on the beach. Visitors were invited to relax on a YPG towel, and ultimately take it home. There were also YPG brand pails for children to play, and at the dog park, smak laid out a 25-foot long bone made out of YPG branded squeaky balls. In addition to the bone shape, squeaky balls were placed throughout the park for dogs to discover at random. smak also created YPG-branded poop bag dispensers for owners and walkers to use and encouraged them to download the app.


YPG brand ambassadors gave away 800 towels and 400 pails during the six-hour event. Throughout the day, approximately 2,500 Torontonians talked to YPG ambassadors, and more than 3,000 people saw the activation from the boardwalk and driving by the beach.


yellow pages02.jpg